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Tuition and Fees

Most classes and events are free to enrolled funded students who meet attendance requirements for admission. Additional fees may be required for specific classes or educational events but are posted in advance.


Fee-Based Services

Enrichment Programs and Educational Event fees are as follows if attendance requirements are not met:

  • $150 per student for 1 quarter, 7 week class, 2 hours each, Total 14 hours $50 per family for Registration (Additional costs may apply for class supplies, special instruction, etc)

  • $150 per student for ½ Day of the of the Full Day Program for 1 quarter , 7 week quarter, 3 hours             each, Total 21 hours

  • $300 per student for Full Day Program, 7 week quarter, 6 hours each, Total 42 hours

  • $10 per student for Educational Event/Family Literacy Friday Events, 1 chaperone free (If the                   Educational Event requires additional fees, these will be accessed as the fee)

  • Additional Fee Based Services may be applicable


Annual Standardized Testing

This service is available free to students who meet attendance requirements. Fee based testing is available for $50 for any student in grades 3 -11.​

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