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Silver SPRUCE Academy, Inc. operates through a contract for service for school choice through Mountain Middle School.  Additional funding comes from fees, grants, donations, volunteers, and fundraising. Each family must submit a Family Registration Form, a Student Registration Form for each student, and pay a $50 registration fee prior to enrollment. 


The following requirements must be met annually to qualify for funded services:


  • Most students who are 5-20 years old prior to August 1st of the calendar year qualify for funded services

  • Apply for Enrollment by September 15th

  • Meet 30 Hours of Program Attendance before October 1st

  • Maintain 90 Hours of Attendance Each Semester



The following conditions would require fee-based services:

  • ​Attendance at Another Publicly Funded Program

  • Enrollment after September 15th

  • Less than 30 Hours of Program Attendance before October 1st





If 90 hours of attendance each semester isn't met, then the student would become fee-based for the following year. 

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