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About Silver SPRUCE Academy

Our Organization


Silver SPRUCE Academy offers a Supplemental Program and Resources Utilized in Curriculum Education for school choice families and students. No core curriculum is provided through our program to allow families to choose the curriculum or educational material that serves their individual student best. Silver SPRUCE Academy works with the parent/student team to offer classes, tutoring, testing, and other services or resources to supplement school choice education. 

Our Program

Silver SPRUCE Academy was opened in 2013, after operating a similar program for 8 years as Family Educational Resources through the Pine River Community Learning Center. The Academy offers classes at many locations in the area to take advantage of area resources. Many participants live throughout the Four Corners Area and having varied classroom locations accommodate all program participants.

Mission Statement

Silver SPRUCE Academy provides educational enrichment programs and courses to students and families

throughout the Four Corners Area, in collaboration with other educational organizations.

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